Why a Degree in Engineering is a Wise Choice

The job market isn’t what it used to be. Although employment numbers have improved in recent years, many companies have put a freeze on fulltime hiring, electing instead to hire people on a contract basis. As such, recent graduates in search of gainful fulltime employment often find themselves at a loss. If job security and a steady paycheck are what you’re after, it’s strongly advised that you acquire a practical skill set. With this in mind, a degree in engineering is certainly worth considering. As you’ll find, there are a number of advantages to pursuing this field of study.

Respectable Pay

Getting by in today’s economy can be an uphill battle, particularly if you live in a major metropolitan area. As salaries and hourly wages have stagnated, cost of living has increased in many cities and townships. That being the case, it’s in every jobseeker’s best interest to pursue a profitable line of work. On average, engineers are able to command a starting salary of $56,000 – which is considerably higher than most starting salaries. Furthermore, some advanced engineers – such as those in the biomedical field – take home an average of $81,000 annually. For more information on how much money you can expect to make as an engineer, pay a visit to Careers24.

Good Job Prospects

As previously stated, many companies – large and small – have effectively frozen their fulltime hiring. In order to save money, these businesses have started making all new hires part-time and contract employees. While it’s true that certain businesses use engineers in this capacity, most companies are always on the hunt for talented fulltime engineers. In addition to having abundant career opportunities, engineering graduates often get to enjoy job security – which has become a scarcity in the current economy.

Room for Advancement

Job dissatisfaction often stems from a lack of advancement opportunities. It’s no surprise that jobs with no room for advancement elicit feelings of depression and stagnation from workers. Fortunately, this generally isn’t something engineers have to worry about. Many companies are happy to reward productive, forward-thinking engineers with generous pay raises and more authority within their respective departments.

As many top economists have reported, employment has been on the uptick for several years. However, it’s also important to understand that the bulk of these jobs are not fulltime positions. In order to score a fulltime job with a respectable salary in today’s economy, practical skills are an absolute must. If respectable pay, good job prospects and room for advancement are what you seek, you’d be wise to consider a degree in engineering.